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Kortney Shelley

Jamaica Kincaid: A Small Place (3-19) Creative Blog

Welcome to the Metro- Atlanta area!!! There is plenty to experience during your visit with us.  I will begin to tell you some of the exciting adventures that you and your family can embark on.  It is a very crowded but beautiful urban city.  Filled with many magnificent gardens, restaurants of all types and any kind of cultural experience you would like.   Within a certain area called Vinings, a nice Japanese restaurant that is literally an old train, has the best Sushi around.  Also various selections for shopping can also be within your grasp whether it be casual or for fine dining.

 Two of the best and most popular attractions within this area are White Water and Six Flags over Georgia.  White Water is an experience for the whole family to enjoy during the hot, summer months.  The many water slides, wave pool, delicious funnel cakes, and much more can be found within the park.  Waiting in a long line to go down the Cliffhanger to have the sensation of falling while water splashes all around you, is the best feeling and who better to share it with then loved ones.  At Six Flags over Georgia, the whole family can enjoy spending time with many of the famous cartoon characters such as: Tweety Bird, Sylvester, Bugs Bunny, and many more.  Going up the large hill on the Batman with your feet dangling with nothing between you and the ground and feeling the rush of wind as the roller coaster zooms downward into a loop is the most amazing sense of adrenaline that one can get at a cheap and reasonable price.  Even feeling the rush of sailing down a river and having one question on your mind, who will get under the waterfall and become fully submerged in water?  The live entertainment, especially during October, is absolutely worth experiencing. 

Of course there is some negativity in visiting the metro Atlanta area like traffic.  If going out on a Friday or Saturday night, expect to be sitting in traffic for at least an hour.  Not a lot of beautiful scenery can be seen within the city as well.  You will discover while driving through the tall buildings and many apartment complexes that trees are limited and grass is scarce.  A lot of color can be found within the city but it comes from the multi-colored apartments and homes.  As a tourist however, one must not look at the negativity but enjoy the many wonders and exciting entertainment that the city holds. 

The must see entertainment is the Fox Theater in the heart of Atlanta.  Walking into the gold, ornamental room with velvet curtains and marble staircases is a splendor that you must see.  The shows vary from musicals to popular literature adaptations.  The theater itself is decorated with twinkling stars on the ceiling and very large velvet, maroon curtain to introduce the show. 

You will definitely enjoy the wonderful attractions, food, and entertainment that waits within the Metro- Atlanta area.  Hope to see you soon.

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3 Responses to Welcome to ATL

  1. Russell says:

    Thank you for the very kind words.



  2. lisaboo09 says:

    You take the approach of seeing the good and the bad of ATL. I like that you talk about what youas a native see and what a tourist may see. When you talk about traffic you mention how a native finds it annoying but a tourist may see if differently. A tourist may notice the tall buildings and the beautiful trees and not even realize they are sitting in and hours worth of traffic. You point out that a tourist has fresh eyes, similar to Kincaid’s writing style. I also like that you adventure to different aspects of ATL. You go from the food to amusement parks to the fox theater which cover a wide range of ATL. I really enjoyed reading your blog and I can relate to most of these instants. I hate ATL traffic!! Good job!

  3. janbun09 says:

    I love the approach you took with describing Atlanta. Like Kincaid, you explored the good and bad of your home. Your scope of Atlanta is fascinating. The way you manuever through different aspects of Atlanta is intriguing. You move from restaurants and Six Flags into the traffic jams and the beautiful Fox Theatre, which I have not seen in years. I enjoyed the way you viewed Atlanta in a way to be appealing to a tourist but also staying true what Atlanta natives actually think about the area. Although I don’t visit Atlanta too often, I most definitely agree with the negative aspect of ATL is the traffic. Good job!

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