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Kincaid, A Small Place, Creative Assignment

Welcome to good ole Canton, Ga or as we young folks call it, C-Town! Upon entry into Canton, we appear to be a city place, but little would you know, we are really a small town on the inside. Here, everyone knows everybody, and if you are new to the town, it won’t be long until you are approached by someone. When you arrive into Canton, you will be greeted by the huge Wal-Mart and Carmike Cinemas Theater. This used to be a hot spot in Canton, but since the arrival of our new strip mall, things are less busy here. If you go down another exit to exit 19, you will see the new addition to our community. It is a mini mall with the latest stores like Target, Rue 21, and Dicks sporting goods. This is the hottest place to be. Not only is it a hot spot for shopping, but the restaurants keep business flowing as well. The Mexican place La Parilla has live music on some nights and happy hour which attracts the young adults in the area. We don’t have nightlife here so live music is as good as it gets.

One man attraction of Canton is the high school rivalry. Cherokee and Sequoyah High School have had this rival for many years. There is always a game of some sort occurring on either campus. While it sounds silly, this rival can get very serious. Sometimes you can see remnants of yellow paint on Cherokee’s red and black territory. If it’s not that, you can see the toilet papering of Sequoyah’s totem pole. It’s a gift Cherokee is never hesitant to give to Sequoyah.

There is one place that you must visit while in Canton. Get off exit 20 and make a right. At the fourth light, take a right and keep straight. At the second light, take another right and keep straight. There will be a road called Pearidge on your right. After you take that right, keep straight and you will see a brown house on the right. This is my grandmother’s house. As soon you enter, the aroma of vanilla fills the air. My grandmother, GramT, will be sitting in her lounge chair humming along to the Gospel music playing on the radio. She greets you with a hug or kiss. Next is the best part, the food. Now La Parilla might have live music, but this food ahs some soul in it. Within five minutes, left over barbeque chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans and broccoli cornbread make a delicious spread on the table. Grace is said before taking in the food. GramT offers drinks or dessert after. As you rub your belly on the comfiest couch in America, most visitors tend to look at old video tapes of the grand children or church services. These tapes go as far back as 1987. Guests enjoy watching and reminiscing with GramT and comparing old hairstyles and clothes with the times of today.

Canton, GA is a great getaway to get that home atmosphere that you might have lost. While the entertainment side is here, Canton doesn’t forget to bring it back home to a cozy atmosphere where you can just kick your feet up. Enjoy Canton as much as I do!


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4 Responses to My home

  1. holliealexis says:

    Whenever I went to my grandparent’s house, I would always enjoy it. As I entered their small, white house I heard the fan going. They were watching a lifetime movie on cable and sitting in their new recliners. They would greet my family and offer us breakfast. My grandma and grandfather used to cook a large breakfast any time that my Mom, Dad, sister, and I came over. They would cook biscuits, gravy, scrambled eggs, and bacon. They would offer us apple juice, orange juice, water, or milk. Our parents and grandparents drank coffee. My mom would sometimes give my grandmother a perm. She always wore her hair in a perm.

  2. kateshar says:

    This sounds so much like my home town but bigger. I think it is awesome that you talk about the many different traditional things that happen in your town. I think it is funny because my home town does a lot of the same things. We were known for intentionally doing bad things to the front entrance to Statesboro High School much like your high school did to your rival. I also found your blog interesting because your grandmother reminds me of my grandmother. When you mention the amount of food and that your grandmother listens to gospel music it made me think of mine. Though I have never been to Canton it is interesting that we have so much in common.

  3. I enjoyed reading this blog because it did not seem like a rant. Instead, it pointed out all the great and interesting aspects of Canton. In Kincaid’s book, she seems to rail against the presence of outsiders; however, I felt that this blog seemed to embrace people and the idea of community, even the extended community of vacationers and visitors. The high school rivalries were fun to read about! My school, Towns County High always liked to consider itself in a rivalry with neighboring Union County High. In reality, it was not even worth trying to perpetuate a rivalry because Union always kicked our hind ends at almost everything.

  4. lisaboo09 says:

    I liked your blog because it was different yet the same as Kincaid’s A Small Place. You go on and on about your hometown but not in way that criticizes it. You point out the good things about your home. The soul food cooking, the strip malls, the high school rivalry. You point out things that people must experience as opposed to only seeing. I like that you point ou the good things because Kincaid waits till the very end to point out the beauty of Antigua. She talks about how it is so beautiful it’s surreal. You talk about the community aspects which is really good. I enjoyed reading this also because I’m from Canton! (C-Town) Very nice!

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