Unfair Rules

Ja’lessa Morris

Nicholas Johnson Big Dead Place pgs.217-232

Creative Assignment        

Friday morning I step into Carmike Cinemas dreading the long day ahead of me. Before I can even make it to the break room I see a sign that says “MANDATORY STAFF MEETING FRIDAY MAY 27TH 2009”. That’s today. My sister Janelle, best friend Jen, and I immediately think about what happened last night that we missed. We bet someone got fired. Maybe Nasya, the manager, fussed at somebody for closing imporperly. Whatever it is that happened we were ready to hear what happened. We see all the managers, Nasya, Janet, and Will walk to the lobby in full force, clipboards, and stearn looks on their faces. Nasya says, “Alright everyone it’s time for this meeting to get started.”

Nasya: We are here this morning to talk about some things that have been going on around the theater that are inappropriate.We have decided to go over some things that you all learned from trainging that have seemed to slip your mind these past few days. First, everyone knows that when you have a customer who is upset with something to refer them to a manager. There is no need for you to stand there and get fussed at because the popcorn was stale, or that theater 9 is too cold. If you have an issue with a customer find a manger and we will handle it. If there is not a manager on the floor call upstairs. Plain and simple.

Jen: But when we can’t find a manager on the floor we call upstairs and we get no answer. What are we [supposed] to do then?

Janet: Well then someone must be busy working on the projectors or something. If it is a problem let them know a manager will be with them shortly.

Paris: But what if it is as simple as them wanting a refund on a ticket or on food? Can we not just give them their money back and you guys come down and handle it when you get the [free] time?

Will: No you must have a manager to handle things like that. It is very important that you get a manager as soon as possible. Now that is the porcedure and we are moving on. Alright last night we had to fire some people because they let their friends into the movie for free. We all know that on the weekends friends and family have to pay for a movie because it is our busiest time at the theater. Now as from now on family or friends are not able to see a movie for free anytime of the week.

Janelle: Wait a minute. You mean to tell me if my mama wants to come see a movie she has to pay? Are you kidding me?

Nasya: No this is a rule all the managers feel is best.

Mike: You guys let your friends in free all the time. Is that going to stop?

Nasya: Yes.

Me: (whispers to Jen) HA I’ll believe it when I see it. You guys make the rules for us to follow but it’s ok for you to break the rules because you are the manager. That a lot of [bull] crap.

Nasya: That is all for today. Any questions?

All: silence

Janet: Ok now everyone we want you to sign this agreement that you know the rules and if we find you going against the law of Carmike Cinemas you will be terminated.

Jen: Are you [freaking] kidding me? We have to sign a contract now?

Janelle: Wow this is so stupid. We have to do all this while the managers sit on their asses doing nothing. This [pisses] me off.

Janet: I know it sounds stupid but it’s for you. Alright have a good day.

Well this is a great way start to our day at Carmike Cinemas. Let’s see how long it will take for one of the managers to break rule number 1.

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3 Responses to Unfair Rules

  1. Ja’lessa,
    Your creative blog is very interesting. I thought that the conversation you chose to recreate was a very interesting part of the novel worth discussing, and I like reading what you have taken from it. I think that you have captured the main point of the conversation in the novel, which is that there are double standards for unfair rules. I think it is also interesting in the novel that there is some indication that the firing of Sasha is perhaps for a reason other than what is given, and I think that would be interesting to explore in a creative assignment. However, I think that you have really studied this conversation and made it your own in your blog. I particularly like your use of brackets as if things have been edited! Good work!

  2. ashleyleann says:

    I could see how Jalessa’s blog connects to the novel through the struggles of the work field. I agree that people with higher positions do not follow through to a full extent some of the rules that they enforce. Although they might be a higher paid position, everyone is equal; if one person cannot allow friends and family in, then another co-worker should not be allowed to let anyone in. What’s worse, is at the end of the blog she states, “Let’s see how long it will take for one of the managers to break rule number one” which shows that they know that they will break the rules that it is just a matter of time. This example shows how people of higher paid positions can take advantage of their positions and those who work for them.

  3. janbun09 says:

    I can remember this day! But i liked how you took what Johnson does in his novel and coined it to fit a situation you were in. I love the humor to the attitudes of all the people in the meeting. I also feel you captured the sarcasm that Johnson used in his novel. I feel the sarcasm of eveyone’s response from the news of having to sign a contract and the incorporation of the new rules. I really enjoyed reading your creative side of Johnson’s novel. Liek Jordan I think it would have been cool to explore the inside reason of Sasha’s termination but i still enjoyed your spin on this. Good job sister!

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