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Great Idea

Janelle Morris Nicholas Johnson, Big Dead Place, pages 1-16 Johnson killed all of my assumptions on this novel in this first chapter. When hearing Antarctica, the last thing I think of is actual civilization there. I definitely don’t think of … Continue reading

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Unfair Rules

Ja’lessa Morris Nicholas Johnson Big Dead Place pgs.217-232 Creative Assignment         Friday morning I step into Carmike Cinemas dreading the long day ahead of me. Before I can even make it to the break room I see a sign that says … Continue reading

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Jessica Keaton Johnson, Big Dead Place, 217-233, Creative Assignment Deadline From: Franklin, Louisa Sent: 10/26/2009 8:31 AM To: Keaton, Jessica Re: Newspaper?!?! Jessica, Haven’t heard anything from you this morning about the newspaper. What’s the status? LF From: Keaton, Jessica … Continue reading

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Red parkas

Eri Pinto Johnson, Big Dead Place, 103-116 According to the introductory quote by H. G. Wells, history is an ascent from primordial slime towards “freedom, power, and consciousness,” a process of which human life is presumably the culmination (103). However, … Continue reading

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Parallels Between Psychological Evaluations and Antarctic Life

Jordan Stanley  Nicholas Johnson, Big Dead Place, pages 43-76  In the third chapter of Big Dead Place, Nicholas Johnson continues his description of life as a “winter-over” in an American program in Antarctica (Johnson 64).  Each employee of this kind … Continue reading

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Respect or Humor?

Nicholas Johnson, Big Dead Place: Inside the Strange & Menacing World of Antarctica (77-102) Most of the books we have read contrasted modern ideas against older culture. This usually involved a hybrid between two nationalities or a contrast between tradition … Continue reading

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Horrible Words

Nicholas Johnson: Big Dead Place (149-176) Within the novel, Big Dead Place, the life of young men and women in the frigid conditions of Antarctica is depicted.  The main character or the voice in which we hear the story told … Continue reading

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Sarcasm as a Signpost

Nicholas Johnson, Big Dead Place: Inside the Strange & Menacing World of Antarctica (193-216) In the novel Big Dead Place the author, Nicholas Johnson, uses humor in snatches of conversation, letters and press releases to show the problems that exist … Continue reading

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Is Antarctica Hostile and Evil?

Heidi Sherlock Nicholas Johnson, Big Dead Place, 135-148 In chapter 7 of Big Dead Place the author makes reference to the psychological consequences of the crash of a commercial airliner into Mount Erebus. Two of the salvage workers reportedly became … Continue reading

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Megan Gribble Johnson, Big Dead Place 177-192 Chapter nine of Nicholas Johnson’s Big Dead Place presents a critical view of bureaucracy and reveals how an overabundance of bureaucratic practices disregards the importance of the human existence. One way that Johnson … Continue reading

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